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Seasonal Favorites

Costa Rica Santa Maria - Red Honey Process

ORIGIN: Indonesia
TASTING NOTES:  Cranberry, apple, chocolate, vanilla butter cookie, hints of fresh-squeezed lime 
INGREDIENTS: 100% Arabica coffee

A very special coffee. Extremely limited. This fine Costa Rican coffee has undergone “Honey” processing, a hybrid processing method that strips the skin and fruit away but leaves the sticky mucilage surrounding the coffee intact. 
Rather than processing the beans after the fruit flesh has been completely removed (as it is in the conventional wet or “washed” process), the red-honey process starts with drying the beans with the sticky-sweet, golden layer of fruit flesh still clinging to the beans. Because the mucilage of the coffee cherry is sticky and syrupy, it is sometimes called “honey.” Then the beans are dried in parijuelas (raised beds) and continually turned with all or nearly all of the fruit pulp (honey) adhering to the beans. After several days of pre-drying on the parijuelas, the coffee is then finished on clay patios. The red honey process spans over 12 days during cloud cover. Honey processing brings a gently exotic, sweet and syrupy cup profile to these beans from Costa Rica. Paired with a medium roast, natural sweetness and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel envelop the cup. You’ll note an attractive interweaving of floral and aromatic malty fruit-forward notes.

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